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Need help with the design of your website? Check out my Wix Partner profile. While I don't only work with Wix websites, it's a good showcase of some websites I've made in the past. Maybe you'd like something similar!

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Here's how I helped Bugs & Beyond with their logo and marketing materials.

Hank came to me with this name and the idea of including a rocket. He also told me that he needed it to work on a truck. After making this design I added a bug, leaves, and animated the logo.


I also made these for him:

A profile picture for social media.

Bugs and Beyond Prof Pic.jpg

An email signature with the animated logo.

A flyer he can give to realtors.

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"Thanks Charlie for always having my back! I look forward to many more digital projects now that I have you on my team."

-Hank Baker, owner of Bugs & Beyond