Create a clear message that defines how you help your clients/customers.

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The secret to building a life-changing brand is recognizing that your clients and customers see themselves as the hero of their story. Everyone does. It's your job to guide your "heroes" towards their "goal." Maybe you're a restaurant that guides your hungry heroes towards excellent food. Maybe you're a real estate company that guides your house hunting heroes towards excellent homes. Your brand guides your "heroes" through transformational experiences to help them accomplish their goals. Charlie Creates Marketing helps you define and create transformational brands.




Step 1: Exposition

The exposition is the beginning of the story. It defines who the hero is, what goals they have, and what conflict they will face. Defining the exposition of your brand's story will help you understand your niche and how you will help them.

Gazelle's "Exposition"


Businesses/Lawyers/Pro Se's






Risky/Difficult Situations

How Gazelle "Guides" their clients

Externally | What they DO for the Hero:

Complete task quickly, skillfully, and accurately

Internally | How they CHANGE the Hero:

Sense of achievement

Respect difficult people

Travelling in America

Step 2: Guide

Your business is the "guide" in your brand's story. Think Yoda or Mary Poppins. Yoda transforms Luke Skywalker from a farmboy into a "jedi." Mary Poppins transforms the Banks Family from strict and serious to fun-loving and happy. How do you transform your clients/customers?

Football Team Coach

Step 3: statement

Now it's time to spell this out for your hero. Tell them how you will help them accomplish their goals, overcome their obstacles, and make them a better person. Tell them why they should trust you to guide them.

Gazelle's Statements

Mission Statement:

We help businesses and law firms achieve closure with the quickness, skill, and accuracy of a gazelle.

"Hook" (One-Liner):

Achieve closure sooner.

Why Us:

Our team is dedicated to bringing truth and hope with integrity. We help you eliminate risk by observing the law, operating with compassion, and working diligently.

Why this design?


The name Gazelle is a play-on-words of the owner's name. Like a gazelle, he works swiftly, skillfully, and accurately. I went with an icon of a gazelle to compliment that idea. Not only did a faceless Gazelle feel more professional, it seemed fitting for a private investigator to be faceless.


As a private investigator, Gazelle's attitude and personality shouldn't be aggressive. It should be professional. Blues and earth tones fit a more professional, less aggressive feel.


Step 4: design

The design of your logo, website, and marketing materials should reflect the attitude and personality of your brand.


"I've just got to say, Charlie is AWESOME."

-As a private investigator, he must remain faceless for security reasons.

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