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Create a clear message that defines how you help your clients/customers.

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The secret to building a life-changing brand is recognizing that your clients and customers see themselves as the hero of their story. Everyone does. It's your job to guide your "heroes" towards their "goal." Maybe you're a restaurant that guides your hungry heroes towards excellent food. Maybe you're a real estate company that guides your house hunting heroes towards excellent homes. Your brand guides your "heroes" through transformational experiences to help them accomplish their goals. Charlie Creates Marketing helps you define and create transformational brands.


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I sat down with Gazelle and walked them through creating their brand's story. We defined the hero, the villain/their obstacles, and the hero's goal. We mapped out how Gazelle transforms their hero and helps them overcome their obstacles. We came up with this mission statement:

"We help business and law firms (hero) achieve closure (goal) with quickness, skill, and accuracy (transformation)."

That's what the Gazelle logo symbolizes: quickness, skill, and accuracy.

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I helped that brand come alive for Gazelle through the design, implementation, and functionality of their logo and website. Their logo captures the symbolic nature behind their name and how it relates to their mission. Their website walks new clients through their brand and shows how Gazelle will transform them to help achieve closure with their case with quickness, skill, and accuracy.

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"I've just got to say, Charlie is AWESOME."

-As a private investigator, he must remain faceless for security reasons.