• Charlie Russell

Yelp Matters (How It Helps Your SEO)

In an earlier blog post, I talked about how Google Reviews can really help your SEO. However, good Yelp reviews can also really help your SEO in your business in general. Not only do good Yelp reviews give your business credibility, but if enough people visit your Yelp page and you have your website listed, it counts as a backlink for your website

Which one is more important? That depends on your personal business strategy. Businesses need both Google reviews and Yelp reviews to really maximize their SEO. You should encourage your customers to leave reviews in both places. However, you might choose to emphasize one of those above the other if you'd like to grow more in that area. Wait, when is one of those more important than the other for me? I'm glad you asked. Your Google Maps listing is important. Your website's SEO is also important. But for many reasons, you might be more focused on getting your Google Maps listing higher or your website listed higher. Google reviews can help your website's SEO - but they really help your Google Maps listing more than they help your website. So if you're focused more on getting your Google Maps listing higher, stick to Google Reviews. But if you're focused on getting your website listed higher, focus on Yelp.

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