• Charlie Russell

What are internal links? How should I make them?

Internal links are links in your website that help guide people through your website.

To help rank websites, Google sends bots through websites to assess how well they are set up. One of the things these bots assess is how easy it is to navigate through your website. If your internal links are set up well, google knows your website is easy to navigate, and gives your website a higher score.

One common way to set up your website with internal links in mind is through a process called “funnels”.

These funnels might start with a landing page that grabs your attention, leading to an informational page that builds on your interest, leading to an options page with a few upsells, leading to a final page where people pay for your products (and maybe an extra page that confirms the delivery).

Not only do internal links help rank your website, they are a good way to help guide your customers through your website.

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