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The Best Instagram Growth Hack

The best growth hack on Instagram, not surprisingly, is also the most challenging one: Getting in the coveted "suggested for you" box.

Recently, several large Instagram accounts famous for their Instagram marketing strategies have admitted that they used this growth hack. While it is difficult to accomplish, if you can pull it off, it can give you significant results. Some accounts are claiming to get 100 followers a day from this strategy, others even more. Aside from gaining a significant amount of followers, it establishes trust for your brand and helps you better target people in your niche.

It's important to note:

• Getting suggested under bigger accounts yields bigger results.

• Getting suggested is more difficult the bigger the account is.

• Not only is it a good idea to target accounts that are in your niche, but you'll also need to have followers with common interests in order to pull it off.

Here's what you can do to try to pull it off:

• Tap the follow button on an account you want to follow and turn on post notifications.

• Like and leave a comment on every new post within the first 30 minutes.

• Friend them on Facebook.

• Use the same hashtags they do.

• Try following some of the same followers.

Tips on leaving comments:

• Say something positive. See if you can get them to like your comment.

• Ask a question. See if you can get them to respond to your comment.

• Add something meaningful. See if you can get them to pin your comment.

The competition to get suggested under big-name accounts is fierce. You can work really hard and still not get suggested.

But it's still worth trying because:

• You never know who might check your profile because you left a good comment.

• You never know what connection you might build over time.

• You never know what you might learn from reading all those posts!

Instagram is a social media site. It rewards people for being social and for engaging with others. It punishes people who don’t interact with anyone. It also punishes robots and spam. Leaving meaningful comments on important accounts in your niche, even if you don’t get suggested, is a good idea. So is connecting with people and using hashtags that have proven to be successful for other accounts in your niche. Anything that makes you more social on social media, in general, will help your social media grow.

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