• Charlie Russell

How to Get Attention with Your Design

We live in an increasingly visual world. We are exposed to somewhere between 3,000 and 20,000 ads every single day. It is more important than ever to stand out in a crowd.

We are designed with visual instincts that help us survive. Understanding these visual instincts will help you make designs that get noticed even when surrounded by a lot of other visuals. These instincts are especially important when you’re designing the first thing that people will see in your content, such as your thumbnails, first few seconds of an ad, etc.

Here are three human visual instincts that will demand attention:

1. Humans are quick to notice bright colors. We are drawn to light because it guides us through and leads us out of dark places. Our eyes notice yellow, white, red, and bright green before we notice other colors. Have those colored words and the white background in this blog hurt your eyes yet? We are drawn to these colors like we are drawn to light— but staring at them for too long is like staring into the sun. Don't use too much of it in your designs!

2. Humans are quick to notice movement. We are drawn to movement to help us notice living things. Dead or inanimate objects don’t move. That’s why animation feels like it “brings your graphics to life.”

3. Humans are quick to notice eye contact.

We are drawn to eye contact to help us notice when we are seen. Among many other reasons to include people in your designs, we will notice when the person in the design is making eye contact with us.

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