• Charlie Russell

How to Create Your Brand’s Story

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

We are naturally drawn to stories because we all see our life as a journey. Great businesses harness the power of story to create their life-changing brands.

Here are my recommended steps to creating your brand’s story:

Step 1: You are not the hero. Everyone sees themselves as the hero. Make your customers or clients the hero of your story. Your role in the story is to be the guide that leads the hero to overcome their obstacles/villains. Think of yourself like Yoda or Mary Poppins. Every good story has a guide.

Step 2: Create the story’s villain. Identify what you help your hero overcome. A great example of this is the old Febreeze ad for a vacuum cleaner that showed and villainized dust bunnies. The ad brilliantly said “What does 40 pounds of household dust look like? Febreeze can help!”

Step 3: How will you “transform” your customers or clients? Focus on how you can help them internally, not just externally. Yoda transformed Luke into a Jedi; Mary Poppins transformed the Banks family into a fun and loving family; Febreeze transforms you into a cleaner person.

Resources: Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

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