• Charlie Russell

How to Be Popular (Part 3 of 5)

Here’s my third tip for becoming popular:


(it’s a conspiracy!) #illuminaticonfirmed

When a kid wants to be class president, he joins the “cool kids club” to gain popularity. Then the cool kids tell the class president to give them special favors or they’ll kick him out of the club. Who’s really in charge in such a scenario?

Conspiracy theories aside, exclusive communities can help you gain popularity. If you’re able to join a club or even a private Facebook group, those connections are valuable.

So of course, go out there and make some connections. Don't only make friends just to make connections, but the connections you do make are valuable.

However, there is one thing you can do for your brand to gain even more popularity than just joining the cool kids club:


Start your own exclusive community; sell exclusive content; set trend; get people to want to join your club.

A fortune 500 example of someone who became "the cool kids" is Facebook. Facebook became the cool kids by marketing themselves as exclusive. When they first started, you had to have a harvard.edu email to join. They are now open to the world but still rely on exclusivity. Being a Facebook friend or liking a Facebook page gives you exclusive content only available through Facebook.

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