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How to Be Popular (Part 2 of 5)

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Here's the second way to achieve popularity:


If you want people to like you, try being nice.

In my last post, I talked about how being obnoxious can create enough attention for you to become popular. There's a stereotype associated with popularity that assumes that's what makes every popular person popular. But that stereotype is not really true. Most people who are popular are popular because they are likable. Even some people who get popular from being obnoxious stay popular because people like them despite their obnoxious behavior.

Being likable does not get you popular as fast as being obnoxious, but it will make you more popular for longer.

It is in our nature to be more friendly to people who are nice or attractive. We root for the people we like and want them to succeed.

What are the things that we like about other people?

• Friendliness

• Confidence

• Maturity

• Servant's heart

• Peacemakers

If you imitate these qualities, more people will like you too.

What other qualities can you think of that you find attractive in other people?

Being friendly and kind is a big part of being likable. Even something as small as a smile can go farther than you think. But if you want your brand to be popular, not only do you need to be friendly and have excellent customer service— you need to know how to make things that people like. You can't just make what you like, you have to make what most people will like. Don't be afraid to put your products or content to the test. Don't be afraid of feedback and constructive criticism. You need those things for your brand to thrive.

Some great tips on making likable content are:

• Make it easy to read.

• Make it easy to understand.

• Use vibrant colors (not plain, not loud).

• Use people to help connect their emotions.

How to Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a great resource for helping your business become likable.

Disney is a good example of a Fortune 500 company that has achieved popularity by being likable. Disney doesn't just create good experiences for their customers. They certainly don't focus on getting the most possible money for the cheapest possible quality. Disney gives its customers special experiences. They want their customers to fall in love with their "magical" moments. Check out their excellent book on customer service, "Be Our Guest," to learn more about their business model. While that's not the only method that made Disney popular, it is certainly the method that they have utilized the most.

Recap: be likable (friendly, inviting, attractive)

Pros of being likable:

• Makes your popularity stronger and longer.

• Forces you to improve quality.

Cons of being likable:

• Can take longer to see results.

• Improving your quality can be costly.

My recommendation: This method should be foundational, but done along with others to speed up your popularity.

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