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How to Be Popular (Part 1 of 5)

Everyone wants to be famous. We all want to be significant, to be liked, loved, respected, and admired. We want to have a lot of friends and no enemies. As a business, being popular is even more important. The more popular your business is, the more people will buy your products or services.

There are many ways to become popular. Actually, the people and businesses who are the most popular got that way from combining different ways (whether intentional or not) to gain popularity.

Notice that not all of these things result in being liked. Not everyone who is popular is popular because people like them. However, if more positive attention comes to you and your business, more people will like you.

I'm excited to cover several different ways to become popular, however there is so much information I can only fit one way in per blog.

Here's the first way to get popular:


We all remember or are familiar with the stereotypical popular girl in school who got that way from being flashy and loud. Many of us remember our parents condemning that kind of behavior for bringing "unwanted" attention. That's because obnoxious behavior gets everyone's attention. There's not very much attention for your business that would be considered "unwanted" attention. If you want to generate as much attention for your business as possible, being obnoxious is the most effective way to do that.


Obnoxious carries negative connotations. Of course, there is such a thing as bad publicity, and you don't want to be popular for the wrong reasons. I'm using obnoxious here more like a synonym for "annoying" -- by being flashy, loud, eye-catching, and everywhere. Basically, if you scream for attention, you'll get it.

Check out my last post for tips on how to be "obnoxious" by getting attention with your designs. You might be able to think of some other things that get people's attention too.

While being annoying can leave a bad taste in some people's mouths, there's no denying that it works at getting people's attention. Also, if you're doing other things that generate good attention combined with being obnoxious, it will help you get more good attention.

The other four parts of this series will include more ways to generate attention that are more positive in nature.

Here's a fortune 500 example of a brand that has made itself popular by being obnoxious: McDonald's.

McDonald's is EVERYWHERE. There are somewhere around 14,000 McDonald's in the U.S. Have you ever seen an exit on the interstate without a McDonald's? If there is, there's usually a big McDonald's billboard not far behind. McDonald's spent $1.62 billion on ads in the U.S. last year, making them the leading advertiser in fast food restaurants. While obnoxiousness is not the only method that made McDonald's popular, it is what they have utilized the most.

To summarize, here are the pros and cons of obnoxiousness:

Pros of being obnoxious:

• Generates the most possible attention

• Easiest way to get attention

Cons of being obnoxious:

• Occasionally generates "unwanted" attention

Use this method along with others to avoid negative attention, while still receiving some popularity from being obnoxious.

I'm excited to cover several different ways to become popular, however, there is so much information I can only fit one way in per blog.

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