• Charlie Russell

How Do I Convert More Of My Leads Into Customers Or Clients? (Part 2: Website)

Are you getting a lot of traffic on your website, but aren't getting a lot of customers or clients? The problem may be with your design. You want to make sure your website guides your leads through a clear path to your products or services. If you confuse, you lose.

Here are 3 common website design problems that kill your leads:

  1. Too much information. Don't make your leads work too hard to get your products or services. Keep your information clear and concise, and only include the most important information.

  2. Too many things at once. Don't overwhelm your leads with more options than they can count. They'll miss the thing they actually want. Simplify your process. Lead them to the one thing they want.

  3. Answering the wrong questions. Your leads don't care about the history of your company. They want to know if you're trustworthy. They don't care about where you got your parts from. They want to know if your product is reliable. Make sure your website only answers the questions that build interest.

BONUS: - Check out my blog on "internal links" and funnels. This is a great way to lead your clients through your website. It helps your SEO, and it will help you convert more leads. - The problem could also be your brand. If you don't have a life-changing brand, all the SEO, design, and traffic in the world won't matter. If you'd like my help creating a life-changing brand or converting more leads, fill out the form below!

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