• Charlie Russell

How Do I Convert More Of My Leads Into Customers Or Clients? (Part 1: Social Media)

Are you getting a lot of followers on social media, but not a lot of customers or clients as a result? The problem is probably your social media strategy. Some social media strategies can help you get more followers, but don't get you more clients or customers. Here are 3 common mistakes that get you more followers on social media but convert less leads:

  1. Targeting the wrong audience. Follow and invite people that you know will be interested in your business, not just random people.

  2. Following similar accounts. You might think that you're reaching people with shared interests by following similar accounts or even following your competition. What you really should be doing instead is following the people who follow those accounts. You will still reach people with similar interests without wasting a follow on your competition who would never be a customer of yours.

  3. Following spam accounts or groups and other spam tactics. It's easy to get excited at the idea of getting a ton of followers from following spam accounts or other spam tactics, but all you'll get is followers, not clients or customers.

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