• Charlie Russell

Gary V. Is Right about the $1.80 principle

Gary V. says you should ”Give your two cents 90 times a day.” And, of course, ¢2 multiplied by a factor of 90 is $1.80, thus, the “$1.80 principle”

Social media gives you incredible power to connect with people, and every time you connect with someone, you give them your two cents. And every time you connect with someone they will potentially get a glimpse of your profile.

Here’s how you give your two cents on Instagram:

• Go into search mode by clicking the magnifying glass on the home screen.

• Type in your city, or popular hashtags that fit your niche.

• Find posts from people near you, or others in your niche.

• Make a comment on one of those posts.

Does 90 seem like a lot? You'd be surprised how many you can do if you set aside some time. But beware! Instagram only lets you post 60 comments every hour! Be sure to space your comments out a little bit, or maybe do 45 twice a day; get creative with the timing. The more thoughtful your comment is, the more effective it is. But don't be over the top thoughtful, lest you forget that you have to make a total of 90 and only have 24 hours in a day! And try not to be creepy or offensive. Be especially careful about posting comments on selfies from the opposite sex and political posts.

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