• Charlie Russell

Do Followers Matter? The Case for Marketing on Instagram

You might have heard any of the following about trying to grow your Instagram account:

"Followers can be bought -- and most big accounts are full of fake followers."

"Followers don't always equal customers or clients."

"Growing your account organically will cost you a lot of time, or it will cost you an employee."

"Not everyone is capable of producing the quality content necessary to grow an account."

Despite these doubts in social media follower growth, here's why it is still always worth it to gain followers:

1. Social media has unlimited potential. There are over 1 billion Instagram users. The bigger the presence you have on Instagram, the easier it is to reach more people.

2. Social media gives you a powerful connection with your clients. It's easy to target people who are interested in your company. People who connect with your account are only one click away from your website.

3. Having a large online following establishes credibility. Having a lot of followers proves proves that a lot of people are interested in your business and that you care about your online presence.

4. Growing your social media is easier than you’d think. With the right strategy, anyone is capable of reaching a significant amount of people on instagram. Hiring an expert may cost money, but a good one will give you significant R.O.I.

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