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Get custom-made digital content designed to help your church reach more people, convert more leads, and change more lives.

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Charlie Creates Marketing has helped many diverse Bible-believing churches share the Gospel through digital content. Our goal is to help churches present the Gospel in a way that is clear to understand and has proven to be effective in bringing people to Christ. See below several examples of churches we have helped share the Gospel.

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Charlie has a background in ministry and is a preacher's kid. Learn more about Charlie's background here.



Charlie Creates Marketing can film and edit videos according to your church's needs. *** NEW *** Ask about DRONE FOOTAGE.


Intro videos are designed to build excitement and anticipation at the beginning of your service, as well as introduce your church to new visitors.

Made for Experience Conference in Orlando, Florida. Experience is one of the largest worship conferences in America, created by worship leaders for worship leaders.

Made for Life Church in Chicago Heights, Illinois. Life Church is a non-denominational church reaching the black community near Chicago.


A sermon bumper is a video to help transition and set up your sermon. They help create excitement and anticipation, and can also be used as marketing material.

Series on 2nd Timothy for The Bridge Community Church, a multi-site church near Chicago, IL.

"Pursuing Happiness" series for The Bridge Community Church, a multi-site church near Chicago, IL.


Highlight videos are a great way to help your church celebrate how God is moving and can also make for great marketing material for your church.

Baptism Weekend highlights for The Bridge Community Church, a multi-site church near Chicago, IL.

Baptism Weekend highlights for New Day Christian Church in Port Charlotte, FL.


Sermon clips are a great way to give your congregation shareable content from your sermon. Sharing these clips on social media can help people interested in your church get a glimpse of who you are.


While we can't promise results, on average churches who use sermon clips from Charlie Creates Marketing see around a 100% increase in engagement when compared to only posting a link to their sermon video (however, that statistic does not compare to live streaming). They also usually see a significant increase in overall social media engagement. These clips also make great content for platforms like Instagram (which otherwise couldn't only share a sermon link).

James Owolabi, a traveling preacher.

Corey Brooks from New Beginnings Church in the inner city of Chicago.

Rusty Russell from New Day Christian Church in Port Charlotte, FL.


Announcement videos are a great way to help you communicate to your congregation what's happening in your church, both during services and on social media.

Sermon series announcement for Lift Church, a new church plant in Murfreesboro, TN.


Charlie Creates Marketing is here to help your church create whatever digital content you might need. Do you need a video to help create a special moment in your service? We'd love to help you!

Filmed and edited for Taija Sparkman, Christian spoken word artist.


Screens for ProPresenter, print material, promotional social media graphics, logos, you name it! Charlie Creates Marketing can help you design whatever marketing material you need, and can even run and grow your social media for you.










"Charlie is a joy to work with. He is very creative and he brings fast results. I can't say enough about my endorsement for his abilities, attitude, and approach to getting things done quickly, and done well."

-Scott Ziegler, Lead Pastor for

The Bridge Community Church


Charlie Creates Marketing helped us through this recent pandemic when we could only gather online. Charlie helped us stay connected to our congregation, stay financially strong, and even reach new people. Charlie is responsive, creative, reliable, and he understands the message we want to get across. And he is fun to work with!

-Rusty Russell, Lead Pastor of New Day Christian Church


"Charlie has helped our church with graphic design, video production, and our website. Charlie has always finished what he was working quickly and with excellence. His communication was great and he was always willing to make changes that we requested. I highly recommend Charlie Creates Marketing."

-Johnny Chase, Lead Pastor for Lift Church