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Branding: Everything is written in second person. The very top showcases how they transform their clients.

Easy: The very top includes an action button. The rest of the website is clear and easy to navigate.

SEO: I gave them a full SEO Report and helped them make some important adjustments, including adding keywords, internal links that make the site easy for google to navigate through, and keeping the site quick to load and mobile friendly. I also gave them some good strategies for increasing their backlinks.

Here's how I helped Lifecare Chiropractic and Wellness get a 900% return on their marketing investments.

Social Media

Followers: I helped them gain more followers from their area that fit their niche (I focused mostly on Instagram). For most people I can get around 500 Instagram followers a month.

DM's: I helped them connect with their new followers by messaging them.


Google Maps

I gave them a report on their Google Maps listing and gave them some tips on how they can try to rank their maps listing higher.


I helped them design some merchandise. Fun facts: The average promo shirt makes 3,000 impressions in its lifetime. The average bumper sticker makes millions of impressions a year.

Design T-Shirts

Charlie is one of the best in the business! His designs are always spot on and spectacular to view. He will cater to you in every way and make sure you are satisfied with your money well spent! He is flexible and has a very creative way to help your business grow with rapid success. It is not hard to tell that this is not just a job, or a career path, for him. It is his passion and he takes great pride in his work. We would 100 percent recommend Charlie.

-Dr Emmanuel Kamara, Lifecare Chiropractic and Wellness

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